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Review of 500 Calorie a Day Diet Plan

Do you have any overweight or fat problems? You can do some kind of diet plan to help you reduce your weight. One of the best diet types that you can do is 500 calorie a day diet plan. This diet plan is one of the proven diet types that really can give the best result to the people that do this diet. Even it is work; you have to take a look of view thing that can give you the best result from this 500 calorie a day diet plan. This few important things can avoid you to some dangerous effects that may cause you from any bad effects from this diet plan. This page will explain how these 500 calories can help you lose your weight in safe way. You can find out the information below that you can do to get the best result and avoid bad effects from this diet plan.

  • Consult to your dietician or proper nutrition specialist.

500 calorie a day dietFirst thing to remember when you want to do 500 calorie a day diet is that you have to consult your dietician or proper consultation with nutrition specialist. This consultation prior to supply of food you must intake during your diet. This because normal diet must have calorie of 1200 calories per day; to maintain your body to work normally in daily activity. This diet has a risk of changing rapidly to your body metabolism system and hold on starving.

  • Very strong commitment to reach the target.

Moreover, this diet needs a very strong commitment from the dieter to reach the goal. It has no doubt that this diet will reduce your weight in short time. In a short thought, people will think that reducing weight by strict diet is to have lots of exercises and poor amount of food supplies, then you can have body weight of your desire. Moreover, as you finished your diet, once you consume high calories of food your body will gain weight faster than before. So it needs strong commitment to gradually maintain your body weight after you finish the diet program.

  • Recognize your present condition.

To begin a 500 calorie a day diet you must recognize these conditions follow:

Gender               :  Female/ Male
Body height      :  Short / Tall
Activity level    :  High / Light
Body weight     :  Normal / Overweight

Male consumes more calories than female. Mainly, they are dissimilar in hormonal and metabolism system. Man has faster metabolic adhere than woman and it makes differential portion of food they consume. An average male needs 1500 up to 1600 calories per day serving to support daily activity, and an average female needs 1200 up to 1300 calories per day serving.

Once again, please consult dietetic physician to have variation menu of 500 calories. So you will not miss out supplies of food needed by your body. Following instruction from proper expertise will result on a correct and healthy plan of losing weight. This 500 calories diet will put you on risk if you do it blindly. Number of combination food and type of exercise suitable for you will be suggested to help you reduce weight rapidly. Moreover, they will help you to manage your meal time so your body will not have a shock of having a rapid change of eating habit. As an alternative, your body will adjust to a new eating habit and healthier life than before while you have your body shape of your own desire. Good Luck!

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